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  • Customer & Partner Engineers, Beginner and Expert


    Designed by engineers for engineers, Airheads@Atmosphere lays out the technical vision of cloud networking and “smart spaces,” plus today’s innovations in intelligent access. Keynotes and hands-on sessions teach you how to: close security gaps while supporting the workplace flexibility and collaboration tools needed for organizational creativity; redefine the value of IT; and help your organization gain an innovation edge. Each track offers both beginner and advanced sessions.

    Conference fee:

    • USD 1,299 (Conference and training with 5-nights hotel stay)
    • USD 999 (Conference and exam with 4-nights hotel stay)
    • USD 799 (Conference with 3-nights hotel stay)

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    Digital Workplace Foundation: Innovate to Simplify

    Anatomy of a switch and its silicon
    This is a deep dive into the anatomy of a switch and its silicon to learn about the different components and the roles they play in delivering a wired campus foundation. Understanding how these components function will help you choose the best switch for your environment.

    Anatomy of an access point
    This is a deep dive into the anatomy of an access point so that you can understand how the individual components function as a whole. Understanding this can help you evaluate the merits of future AP designs and ensure you are choosing the correct AP for your needs.

    Customer use cases for Aruba Instant: Delivering secure stable Wi-Fi
    This deep dive session walks though several key use cases in distributed environments like K-12, higher education, retail, and others. We’ll provide insights into how Aruba Instant can seamlessly enable you to deploy, manage and troubleshoot your wireless network. We’ll also cover scalability, high density environments, network visibility and control, serviceability, and network performance.

    Design fundamentals in the campus
    Although Aruba makes it easy to choose the best architecture to fit your IT and business needs, it’s vital to sort through some critical predeployment issues before you get started. Join us to review the latest product and architectural options from Aruba as well as validated LAN design best practices.

    Design fundamentals in your branch networks
    Extending wired and wireless connectivity to thousands of branch locations or in a distributed enterprise environment can be challenging and daunting. This session explores the factors involved in making decisions about how to set up the wired and wireless network in large distributed environments, along with effective use of policy and security. When do you need a branch controller? When should you use an Instant AP? How do you manage guest traffic? Should you peel off traffic direct to the Internet? How do you keep the branch running across Wide Area Network failures? 

    Managing your network with AirWave
    Aruba AirWave has a long history of providing visibility into the network, users, devices and applications. Come learn about AirWave – the industry’s leading multi-vendor wired and wireless network management solution. We’ll cover both switch and WLAN troubleshooting.

    Mobile device roaming behaviors and client troubleshooting best practices
    Not all mobile devices are created equal and not all agree on best practices for roaming when connected to Wi-Fi networks. In addition to simple speeds and feeds, rate vs. range characteristics of mobile devices can influence user experience. In this session, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot a wide range of device connectivity issues, and how Aruba Wi-Fi configuration options like ClientMatch can vastly improve device roaming behavior.

    Optimizing your wired foundation for mobility and IoT
    Optimizing your network for mobility and IoT means your wired foundation needs be secure, resilient, and ready for tomorrow’s demands to support new applications. Join us to learn how the Aruba campus switch portfolio uses innovative technologies – multi-gigabit Ethernet, Zero Touch Provisioning, and role based secure access – to create a simple, integrated wireless-wired foundation for campus and remote networks.

    Basic Radio: RF Nuts and Bolts
    Learn the details of pragmatic radio subject matter, including: RF, electromagnetic radiation, human exposure limits, propagation loss, antenna type and coverage, basic transmitter and receiver architecture and physical constraints.

    Advanced Radio: 802.11 Wi-Fi modulation and antenna techniques
    Learn the details of signal processing concepts and advanced treatment of antennas, MIMO, beamforming and MU MIMO. This session will also cover the details of 802.11ac, 11ad and 11ax. Knowing this will help you design networks that function properly, set realistic expectations, and know what to expect from future generations of WiFi.

    Digital Workplace Services: Work Smarter Not Harder

    AirWave Glass and Advanced AirWave Features and Techniques
    Join us to learn about how you can manage large deployments at the edge with AirWave Glass. You’ll learn how Glass brings horizontal scaling, search, and reporting to your existing AirWave deployment. Plus, learn how to get the best out of VisualRF, RAPIDS, Alerts and Triggers and reports. You’ll also find out about the latest features.

    ACE top tips and tricks
    In this session we will share some of the advice that ACE has given to our customers, during site visits and collaboration sessions. Please come with your experiences in deploying the next generation WLAN and your ideas. You will leave this session with new ideas on how to support your wireless deployments.

    Get visibility into wireless connectivity and performance problems using cloud-based analytics before users are impacted
    Where are the problem spots in my network? How can I quickly get visibility and resolve connectivity and performance issues? Learn how RASA Deepview can help IT teams enable an enhanced user and application experience. This session will cover the details of how cloud-based analytics and data science can draw insights about your wireless network so that you can resolve issues before users even know there’s a problem.

    Deep Dive into Aruba OS 8.0: Live Upgrades, Clustering and Seamless Failover.
    Deep dive into controller clustering in ArubaOS 8. Clustering enables a more resilient user experience via stateful failover, seamless roaming across a giant campus, and user load balancing. This session will cover the details of configuring clustering and failover, monitoring users and troubleshooting cluster performance. We’ll also cover how to use the new MultiZone feature to set up multiple isolated networks using a single AP infrastructure connected and tunneled to multiple controllers. MultiZone delivers scalable multi-tenancy and secure network isolation without the overhead of deploying duplicate and interfering AP infrastructures.

    Deep Dive on Mulit-User MIMO in 802.11ac Wave 2

    Easing your WLAN migration from AOS 6.x to AOS 8.x.
    Take the right steps to migrate from an ArubaOS 6.4 configuration to ArubaOS 8 with Master Controller mode. In this session, you’ll learn how to add a Mobility Master to get the full function of AOS 8.

    Elevating your WLAN to the next level with ArubaOS 8
    ArubaOS 8 brings many enhancements to an Aruba network.  This session introduces high-level features, benefits and components of ArubaOS 8 including virtualization, MultiZone, AirMatch, per-user tunneled node, etc.

    Getting your WLAN ready for enterprise-grade UCC and VoIP apps
    Your WLAN should understand the different traffic flows for the latest unified communication and collaboration (UCC) tools and report on call quality, support high-definition data transfer for video, and more. In this session, you’ll learn best practices for app-level configuration and how to get your Aruba WLAN ready for Microsoft Skype for Business, and several other enterprise and commercial grade UCC apps.

    Planning for power: How much do you really need

    Our TAC engineers will share best practices and how to achieve optimal performance of your mobile first infrastructure.

    Securing Your Wired, Wireless & IOT Networks with ClearPass

    Advanced ClearPass best practices and troubleshooting methods
    Learn how to successfully deploy ClearPass and get troubleshooting help from our TAC experts. Hear about some common issues, deployment best practices, and simple things you can do to keep things running smoothly.

    Advanced ClearPass Exchange techniques to provide end-to-end security
    Mobile and IoT devices have increased your attack surface and opened the door to security breaches. In this advanced ClearPass Exchange session, you’ll learn how to integrate multiple 3rd party solutions to automate a security response and take corrective actions.

    Advanced customization of ClearPass functionality with ClearPass Extensions
    ClearPass Extensions allow you to code your own custom functionality for ClearPass, including interactions with 3rd party security and services oriented partners. In this session, we will discuss the architecture and demo some of the recent integrations.

    An introduction to Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager
    New to network access control and ClearPass? Wondering what’s really on your network? Come to this interactive session to learn the basics of ClearPass Policy Manager.

    ClearPass open session: Ask me anything

    Deploying server & device certificates

    Improving network visibility using ClearPass Profiling
    Hungry for more in-depth knowledge on how to discover and secure new device types with ClearPass? This advanced session will be a deep dive on the profiling techniques used in ClearPass and how you can use them for monitoring wired and wireless networks, reporting, and policy enforcement.

    Integrating ClearPass with 3rd party security solutions

    Tackle wired port security with OnConnect
    Is 802.1X keeping you from locking down your wired network? Overwhelmed by the complexity? ClearPass OnConnect simplifies securing multi-vendor wired switches by using alternative methods for enforcement. Come find out how it works.

    IntroSpect Security Analytics and UEBA Solution 
    As the newest member of the Aruba family of security solutions, IntroSpect has been generating a great deal of interest. This session will feature an in-depth presentation covering the IntroSpect architecture, machine learning analytics, and forensics workflows along with a live demonstration of the product capabilities.

    Innovations in Smart Spaces and Operational Technologies with Indoor Location Services and IoT

    Best practices in deploying and managing Aruba Beacons, Sensors and APs for location-based services
    Learn how to deploy hundreds of Aruba Beacons, Sensors and APs powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and manage them centrally. In this session, we’ll cover advanced topics on infrastructure design, deployment best practices for challenging environments, remote/onsite troubleshooting, and a deep dive into practical engineering tools available for wireless infrastructure engineers to improve speed in supporting new and existing deployments. Will include live demos.

    Introduction to location-based services powered by Aruba Meridian software and BLE infrastructure
    Indoor location services powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology can improve employee productivity, real-estate utilization, fan engagement, mobile marketing, and patient experience, among other business priorities. Join this session and learn the fundamentals of the Aruba Meridian platform and the best practices for engaging app developers and line of business leaders. Will include live demos.

    Practical use cases for indoor GPS powered by Aruba Meridian developer tools
    Mobile app developers should take advantage of Aruba Beacons and the Aruba Meridian SDK to create engaging location specific experiences indoors, within an existing mobile app. Join us as we discuss best practices on how to engage with internal or external mobile app developers, with live demos of use cases across vertical industries.

    Taking advantage of IoT location-based services to create economic value
    The power of IoT comes from being able to extract process, business and customer data that is locked within enterprises. In this session, you’ll explore how IoT location-based services can help answer three fundamental questions: Where am I? Where are they? Where is it? You’ll also learn how to optimize operations, expedite predictive maintenance and improve overall user experience.

    The anatomy of a secure remote IoT monitoring solution with edge computing and Aruba networking solutions
    A secure remote monitoring infrastructure includes basic building blocks like intelligent IoT devices, access network, communications media, IoT controller, IoT business and analytics applications with edge compute – which can be mixed to address different implementation requirements. Join us for a deep dive into each of these building blocks, which are necessary to enable a centrally managed IoT-ready infrastructure at remote sites.

    Building intelligent spaces with IoT workflow
    Drive revenue, productivity and efficiency with HPE Intelligent Spaces. The HPE Intelligent Spaces program fuses Aruba and partner technologies with consulting expertise to build solutions that bridge the physical world with digital solutions – whether public venues or the enterprise workplace. In this session you will learn how HPE is crafting solutions which integrate people, places, and things with enterprise systems and networks to transform experiences. Workflow plays a key role in automating and orchestrating the interactions between IoT, the network, the user and the systems they access.

    SPOTLIGHT: Aruba’s New Digital Workplace in Santa Clara
    Come learn how Aruba turned their vision of a digital workplace into a reality with our new corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Hear from key IT and business stakeholders about the philosophy, design and construction as well as how various groups partnered to create a smarter digital workplace for the GenMobile worker.

    High density Wi-Fi for intelligent spaces

    How business in APAC adopt IoT Solutions

    The New Network Architecture with Public and Private Cloud

    Aruba for service providers
    This session provides an overview of cloud networking in large service provider environments. We’ll look at managed services capabilities, multi-tenancy and private cloud, as well as focusing on the use of APIs for integration into external systems for creating customized service offerings.

    Cloud Networking for Primary and Secondary School
    Cloud networking is a perfect match for primary and secondary school. Join us to learn how customers worldwide are deploying cloud networking from Aruba.

    Cloud networking with Aruba Central
    Join us for an introduction to the technology and features of Aruba Central, a cloud-hosted platform for network management and services. Central is ideal for distributed deployments like retail, K-12 and small-medium enterprises.

    How to deploy and operate wireless as a managed service using Aruba Central
    Join this session to hear first-hand how to deliver Network-as-a-Service with Aruba products. Explore how Aruba Central’s multi-tenancy, APIs and managed-service-mode can help you deliver Networks-as-a-Service. A must-attend session if you are interested in offering a turnkey managed services practice, or if you are an enterprise with centralized IT and distributed operations.

    Making apps smarter with Cloud
    Join the session to see how cloud transforms applications like voice, UCC, AirGroup, Clarity etc. Learn how migrating from an on-premise dashboard driven operations to a cloud based insights driven operations helps you become more efficient.

    Cloud Networking for Retail Customer
    Join us as we cover how Aruba delivers a full-featured solution for retailers with an emphasis on core applications such as Presence Analytics, Guest Access, Meridian Location, and troubleshooting with Clarity Live and Synthetic.

    Cloud Networking for Higher-Ed
    Cloud networking’s inherent scalability makes it a perfect platform for large college deployments. Learn how Aruba delivers a full-featured solution for Higher-Ed that starts with core apps like Guest Access, Meridian location services, AppRF, UCC, and visibility tools like Clarity Live/Synthetic and a new endeavor currently called DeepView.

    Demo and Programme

    Win Against the Competition with Aruba’s Wireless Mobility Solutions

    Win Against the Competition with Aruba’s Wired Switching and Access Security Solutions

    Tomorrow’s Technology Innovations

    802.11ax Sneak Peek: The Next Generation Wi-Fi
    If you’ve mastered 802.11ac, it’s time think about what’s next: 802.11ax. The challenge to be mastered by next-generation Wi-Fi systems is the degradation to system efficiency due to dense deployments, and due to network traffic with a preponderance of short data frames (e.g. Voice-over-Wi-Fi). Enhancements in 802.11ax spec for PHY and MAC tackle the problem with Uplink MU-MIMO, Downlink and Uplink OFDMA, and Spatial Reuse to improve spectral efficiency and density. In addition, there will be features in 802.11ax to improve outdoor coverage and power saving in new client devices. Join our session to get a jump on what’s coming.

    A greenfield approach to network policy
    During this session, we will review new challenges with old policy methodology, and introduce a security framework that addresses those challenges. It’s no longer enough to apply security policy to 10-year-old switches. You cannot VLAN or ACL your way out of mobility, IoT, BYOD or whatever comes next. Instead, security policy and everyone’s mindset has to evolve – and not just for practical reasons (too many ACLs in my TCAM or VLAN overload to name a few), but also because a lot of traditional techniques are simply no longer relevant, effective or scalable. Join us for a fresh perspective on designing security that adapts to the next wave of technology.

    Branch-in-a-Box: A branch design case study
    Using a real-world case-study at a large retail customer, this session explores how Aruba solutions are being deployed, and best-practices for a “Branch Office 3.0” design. You’ll learn about evolving branch architecture, including how a wired branch with a single WAN link evoles into a wired + wireless branch with multiple WAN links.

    Campus Architecture .next: Automated and trusted infrastructure deployment
    Stop worrying about spanning tree, IP addressing, and the coupling of access policy to internal VLANs.   Keep your network safe from attacks attempting to take control or brick your network equipment. Deploy a campus infrastructure, from the AP to the core switch, automatically – all within a secure trusted context. Explore architecture to separate access overlay policy from underlay topology as seen in recent data center designs. Come to this interactive session to hear and discuss this pragmatic next generation design that addresses your real world headaches.

    Cloud-based analytics for solving problems beyond wireless and wired
    Cloud-based analytics and data science aren’t just buzzwords. In this session, you’ll learn how Aruba’s Deepview platform uses these concepts to extract insights on network behavior and provide recommendations to improve user experience. We’ll also cover how cloud-based analytics can be applied to solve problems beyond wired and wireless networks.

    The future of Adaptive Trust – defeating insider threats with identity-based security
    Security threats come at you from all sides, including the inside of your network. After several high-profile data leaks from malicious or careless users inside government, military, and corporate networks around the world, it has now become an imperative to put additional protections in place for internal systems. But it’s not just the human threat – at the same time, the risk from IoT, BYOD, and mobile devices is increasing. To deal with these threats, we must drive out anonymity from networks – every connection must be identified and secured. In this session, hear about the future direction of Aruba’s Adaptive Trust architecture for wired and wireless networks that seamlessly integrates authentication, encryption, access control, and threat response in a way that is flexible and adaptive based on the identity of the user and device, the access method, time and location, and external conditions such as threat condition.

    First Encounter: Introduction to HPE SD-WAN

    Unleash the power of API with Python Scripting

    Latest localised Airheads Community in APJ

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