Better BYOD security. No big brother.

Our physicians and medical staff depend on the wireless network to access critical patient information,

Cameron Parker, Manager of Technical Services, Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The MED)

Aruba ClearPass combines all things BYOD into one platform and extends access policies from the network out to devices and even the mobile apps on those devices. It's simply the best way to deploy and manage BYOD.

  • More secure than MDM and NAC solutions by preventing data leakages within applications, from the device and on the network.
  • Faster to deploy than MDM by enabling IT to manage mobile apps, devices and network security in one solution.
  • Eliminates MDM privacy issues by keeping work apps in a secure, encrypted workspace, while personal data on user-owned devices stays private.
BYOD Solution Overview
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Faster Wi-Fi.
No upgrade.

We eliminated roughly 50% of the ports, cables, switch chassis, and blades. To put that in perspective, we saved more than $2 million by shifting to Aruba.

Hans Zwart, chief information officer, KPMG

Unlike Cisco, we don't force you to install high-priced switches to get your Wi-Fi ready for BYOD, mobile apps or 802.11ac. You can even go controllerless if you want. What you do get is wicked-fast Wi-Fi that can handle high concentrations of mobile devices.

  • Aruba cuts your total cost of ownership by 70% by eliminating unused Ethernet ports and redundant wired and wireless services – something Cisco can't do.
  • Aruba Wi-Fi is half the cost of Cisco because we don't force you to upgrade every switch just to add wireless controller functionality.
  • Aruba Wi-Fi has an integrated firewall for security so you avoid the excessive cost and complexity of juggling a bunch of external Cisco firewalls.
Performance Reports
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More Wi-Fi devices. No waiting.

We have a 5:1 ratio of mobile devices to users, and they are always on. We need high-performance and reliability, and that's what we have with Aruba.

Willis Marti, director of networking and information security, Texas A&M

Aruba Wi-Fi intelligently steers every mobile device to the best WLAN access point and prioritizes mission-critical mobile apps on each device. With Aruba, all sources of RF interference are detected and Wi-Fi coverage is automatically optimized.

  • 94% better performance for mobile devices as they change location in a wireless LAN
  • 11-times faster downloads for cloud-based apps like Citrix GoToMeeting, and Box.
  • Three-times more bandwidth when Wi-Fi coverage is shared between smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Whitepaper: New World of Mobility
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More secure than wired. No worries.

Aruba was the only vendor capable of satisfying 100% of our security requirements.

Detlef Feistl, systems engineer and IT specialist, Henkel

Widely trusted as the definitive solution for Wi-Fi security, Aruba Wi-Fi enables role-based access control instead of cumbersome and evadable VLANs or ACLs. With an integrated ICSA-certified firewall, Aruba Wi-Fi applies security policies based on user identity, device, app and location.

  • Enforce limited access for a personal smartphone and full access for company-owned laptops belonging to the same user. No need to propagate VLANs on every switch, building and office location.
  • Continuously monitor all traffic from each device to automatically quarantine and blacklist devices that don't comply with security policies.
  • Prevent authorized devices in office locations from connecting to unauthorized Wi-Fi networks such as hotspots.
Whitepaper: Global Security for WLANs
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