Security Products

Strong network security everywhere users and devices connect.


Mobility and IoT are today’s new risks.

Aruba ClearPass leverages known and trusted contextual information to create policies that secure network access on any multi-vendor wired or wireless network. That means all those devices – IT managed laptops, unmanaged smartphones or tablets, or IoT devices – can connect without compromising the network.
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Policy Enforcement Firewall with deep packet inspection.

Every Aruba WLAN includes a stateful Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) to ensure that each connection and user session is secure. But unlike traditional firewalls, our next-gen mobility firewall is aware of user roles, device types and app flows.
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Wireless intrusion protection throughout your network

RFProtectTM software integrates wireless intrusion protection into your network infrastructure to prevent denial-of-service, man-in-the-middle and other security threats. With RFProtect, there’s no need for separate RF sensors and security appliances.
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Get VPN-on-demand with the Virtual Intranet Access client.

A hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN client, VIATM automatically scans and selects the best secure connection to the corporate network. Unlike ordinary VPN clients, VIA offers a zero-touch end-user experience and automatically configures Wi-Fi settings on devices.
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