ClearPass Onboard

ClearPass Onboard lets BYOD and IT-issued devices connect safely to your network in compliance with security mandates. Flexible policies and unique certificates enable full and limited access based on roles, device type, and security posture.


Automate device provisioning for secure BYOD.

We make it easy to automatically provision settings and certificates for network connectivity on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook and Android mobile devices. This enables them to connect securely to any wireless and wired enterprise network.
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Issue unique certificates for every mobile device.

With a built-in certificate authority, you can distribute certificates during provisioning that include user- and device-specific data. You can also utilize any MDM platform to request certs directly from ClearPass Onboard – SCEP and EST (RFC 7030).


BYOD is here to stay. Need help getting your enterprise ready?

Our BYOD planning guide will help with decisions regarding timelines, policies, roles (users and devices), use of device certificates, and other best practices for deploying Aruba ClearPass to leverage third party security defenses, like firewalls and MDM/EMM.
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IT controls who connects.

BYOD doesn’t mean a wide-open network. IT writes the rules about who can connect, from which device and from what location.

ClearPass QuickConnect.

Now you can automate 802.1X device configurations for wired and wireless networks without having to create distribution-of-unique-device certificates.

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