ClearPass OnGuard

ClearPass OnGuard performs vital endpoint health checks and posture assessments automatically to ensure that all laptops are fully compliant with industry and internal requirements before they connect to wired and wireless networks.


Automate health checks and posture assessments.

In addition to system-wide per-session NAC protection, you can specify whether to allow or deny peer-to-peer applications or USB storage devices. Network access can be denied if storage is not encrypted and IT can be sure that laptops brought to the help desk have the latest patches and hot fixes.

Ensure device compliance before they ever connect.

You can automatically remediate or quarantine endpoints that are not in compliance with corporate posture policies. Using the administrator dashboard, it’s easy to keep an eye out for non-compliant devices, users, and the reasons for non-compliance.
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BYOD and IT-issued devices.

Persistent agents allow for automated remediation for IT-issued devices while BYOD and guests can use a dissolvable agent that’s automatically uninstalled once the device is cleared.

Operating system support.

ClearPass OnGuard is capable of supporting a wide range of mobile device operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and popular Linux versions.

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