Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler

Every connected device is a potential attack point — IT managed laptops, traditional unmanaged endpoints, or any IoT device. Knowing what’s on your network is the first step to securing your data.
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Automatically identify anything that connects.

Aruba’s ClearPass Universal Profiler gives you granular visibility into all connected devices, even controllers and switches. A customizable dashboard lets you see categories and families of devices and individual attributes for everything connected. No agents or initial investment in a NAC or policy management solution is needed.
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Monitor any wired or wireless multi-vendor network.

Leverage DHCP, SNMP, and other methods to find any device, with minimal set-up. In addition to identifying new devices, ClearPass Universal Profiler continuously monitors all devices, even those that come and go.
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Visibility from one central location.

The ClearPass Universal Profiler delivers an intuitive web-based interface that is simple to administer and shows device totals and how many per category, host names, and device vendor information. Visual graphs make it easy to track and drill down into device specific attributes — all from your office or while on the road.

Not ready for NAC? No problem.

We get it. Not everyone is ready for a full policy management solution. But when you’re ready, we offer a simple migration path from Universal Profiler to the Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager to ensure that automated policy enforcement is easily implemented for real-time access security.
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